Henley Green Community Garden Autumn Botanicals | Gin

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In the spirit of using local ingredients and supporting our local community, Buffalo Vale Distillery and Gladesville Happy Hens have collaborated to create a wonderful limited edition small batch gin using local herbs and citrus from the Henley Green Community Garden.

Combining beautiful traditional citrus flavours with a dash of distinctive botanicals from Henley garden. 

Batch 4 -  Autumn

Is another aromatic gin which is citrus-forward. As with past seasonal batches, all botanicals were picked green and distilled on the same day as harvest. Dominant botanicals: lemon balm, lemon myrtle, lavender, mulga wattle, and native ginger leaf.

The gin is sweet and sherbet(y) on the front palate, with a spicy twist on the finish from the native myrtle and mint bush.

A limited run of 90 bottles only. 

Cal our Master Distiller suggests make your self a Dry Martini, stirred not shaken to really enjoy the flavours.  Make sure you choose a good vermouth! (Nolly Prat - minimum).  If you like it dirty, add some olive brine. 


Proceeds from the sales of this gin goto the Henley Green Community Garden to assist with their running costs. 

Henley Green Community Garden | Gin

Volume | 700ml

Alcohol | 40%