Buffalo Vale Distillery - Triple Spirit | Gift Pack

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Looking for a gift that is just that little bit more than just a bottle of your favourite spirit to share with a close friend, family member or colleague?

Our new Triple spirit gift pack enables you to share all three of our spirits with your friends. 
Each gift pack includes a recipe card which includes a description of each of the spirts and our favourite ways to drink your Buffalo Vale Spirits.  

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Gift Box* configuration contains - 
  • 3 x 200ml bottles
    • Clair De Lune | Gin
    • Nocturne | Vodka 
    • Revenant | Spirit

Claire De Lune | Gin

A handmade, small batch gin, crafted from scratch on our own base spirit. Clair De Lune is soda-friendly and exceptionally smooth.

Nose: Distinctively round and juniper-forward, with native pepper berry, bergamot and nettle providing a backdrop for a complex spice and floral bouquet.

Taste: Sweet, musky notes develop into spicy pepper and subtle lemon flavours.

Revenant | Spirit

Revenant is a dark, characterful, golden-copper coloured spirit which has been crafted using whisky methods. The flavour profile is derived from a single Australian native botanical. Revenant is best experienced sipped neat or on ice.

 Nose: Honey toast and fig

 Taste: Mouth filling notes of dark chocolate on a tannic, slightly smokey backbone.

Nocturne | Vodka

Unfiltered, small batch, pure vodka.

Inspired by traditional distilling methods, we start with the purest of water then only add what we need to create a smooth and characterful spirit. What you taste in your bottle is what we taste as it comes from the still.

Nose: Clean with a hint of brioche

Taste: Clean and smooth, with a soft slightly sweet finish.

 * Gift Boxes may be Black or Blue depending on stock availability