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Looking to gift?  Our new Clair De Lune - Gift boxes make the ideal ready to deliver gifting option, no need to wrap we've got it covered. 

We can also add your personalised message before shipping.  Package features, awesome giftbox, personalised message and of course our...


Clair De Lune Gin

Volume | 700ml

Alcohol | 40%

A handmade, small batch gin which is soda-friendly, with an air of organic juniper, locally grown wild bergamot, nigella, lemon balm, tangerine, nettle and angelica, hovering over a spirit of exceptional smoothness.

Tasting notes
Colour: Clear

Nose: Distinctively round, warm and juniper-forward, with native pepperberry, bergamot and nettle providing a backdrop for a complex spice and floral bouquet.

Taste: Characteristic sweet, musky notes. Develops into spicy, peppery, and subtle lemon and tangerine flavours.

Finish: A long smooth and soft finish.