Clair De Lune | Gin - BBQ Gift Pack

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There are only a few things in life that beat an afternoon BBQ and a few G&T's or Negroni's with friends. 

If you are a fan of our Gin or Vodka, you can now show your friends with a Buffalo Vale Distillery Baseball Cap and Chefs apron.   Sun Smart, BBQ smart! 

Pack features

  • a bottle of Clair De Lune Gin, in its stylish gift box. 
  • Buffalo Vale Distillery baseball cap with embroidered logo. 
  • Buffalo Vale Distillery chef's apron with embroidered logo. 

We have carefully selected the style of cap and chefs apron, one's that Cal and I can wear every day and survive the rigours of the distillery or a food and wine festival.   

Clair De Lune Gin

Volume | 700ml

Alcohol | 40%

A handmade, small batch gin which is soda-friendly, with an air of organic juniper, locally grown wild bergamot, nigella, lemon balm, tangerine, nettle and angelica, hovering over a spirit of exceptional smoothness.

Tasting notes
Colour: Clear

Nose: Distinctively round, warm and juniper-forward, with native pepperberry, bergamot and nettle providing a backdrop for a complex spice and floral bouquet.

Taste: Characteristic sweet, musky notes. Develops into spicy, peppery, and subtle lemon and tangerine flavours.

Finish: A long smooth and soft finish.



  • 30 ml Clair De Lune Gin
  • 30 ml Campari
  • 30 ml Noilly Prat Vermouth
  1. Fill old fashioned glass with ice.
  2. Add equal parts Clair De Lune Gin, Campari and Noilly Prat vermouth and then stir well.
  3. Garnish with a slice of orange.