Dry Martini | Bottled Cocktail by BVD

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Dry Martini - Stir on Ice

The Buffalo Vale Dry Martini is hand crafted from our award winning Clair De Lune Gin, and a dash of our own aged dry vermouth. 

Unlike James Bond, we recommend that you stir not shake.

Pour 100ml of our dry Martini over ice, then stir for 20 seconds allowing the Martini to chill.  Once the Martini has been chilled down,  strain into a martini glass. 

Add a toothpick or shortened skewer with three pitted olives as a garnish. 

Dry Martini

Volume | 500ml

Alcohol | 38%

Standard Drinks | 15.9

Recommended Serve | 100ml =  3.18 Standard Drinks - 5 Serves per bottle