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Gin Margarita - Shake on Ice

The Buffalo Vale Gin Margarita is handcrafted from our award-winning Clair De Lune Gin and our delicious classic-style Margarita mix. 

A Margarita not made on Tequila and made on Gin can still be called a Margarita!

Add 100ml of mix to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake briskly then pour into a cocktail glass Add lime and salt to the rim of the glass to garnish, and enjoy!


Volume | 500ml

Alcohol | 16%

Standard Drinks | 6.32

Recommended Serve | 100ml = 1.26 Standard Drinks

Ingredients | lime juice, gin, filtered water, agave nectar, citrus rind, extract & oil (lime, lemon, orange mandarine, grapefruit), sea salt