Corporate Gifting

Give your team, customers or partners something memorable and enjoyable, a gift from Buffalo Vale Distillery.


Clair De Lune Gin and branded Neck Tag

In the time it takes to negotiate a gin and tonic or an espresso martin, we can solve your gifting needs. 

Based on your budget and client tastes the team at Buffalo Vale can tailor a gifting solution to meet your needs based around our Clair De Lune Gin or Nocturne Vodka -

  • Single Bottles
  • Gift Buckets
  • Bottles for budding mixologists 

We can mange the whole process for you,

  • co-branding
  • custom inclusions
  • personalised messaging
  • managed shipping on your behalf. 

Out of box experience is important to us, every bottle we send  leaves in our Buffalo Vale Shipper which is has been designed to survive the rigours of couriers and Australia post.  

To get started, send us an e-mail:

Add a neck tag to the bottle or brand the sleeve that covers the bottle tray. 

Clair De Lune in a Box Domestique Branded Sleeve Buffalo Vale Shipping Box