Buffalo Vale Distillery
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Inspired by whisky makers

Elegant & rounded tinctures

Gin: the source of reverie & indecision...

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Craft Spirits

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Gift Packs & Bundles

Corporate Gifting

Need the perfect gift for your clients? The Buffalo Vale Team can assist you with your corporate needs, with bottles of CDL or Gin Buckets shipped on your behalf.

Founded on the banks of Buffalo Creek, a tributary of Sydney harbour, Buffalo Vale Distillery is a producer of hand-made small batch craft spirits. 

Our process closely follows that of the traditional whisky distillers, beginning by fermenting our own pure water based wash, which is then distilled into an incredibly smooth base spirit.  

We then re-distill our base spirit to infuse the flavours of the selected home-grown botanicals which have been blended to reflect the gentle character of our locale.