More About Us

We live in the small valley of Buffalo Creek, in Sydney's north, and this is where our craft distillery was founded in spring of 2016.

After years travelling, enjoying and working with beer, wine and spirits, four friends travelling through Tasmania found themselves pinned down by inclement weather.  

Braving the elements to explore the local distilleries, embracing their warmth and hospitality, the idea was born to bring the craft of distilling to our home town, in Boronia Park.  The conversations and flavours that flowed became the inspiration for Buffalo Vale Distillery. 

Our founding values are simplicity, ingenuity, purity, and quality.

Beginning with pure and natural raw materials, we aim to create spirits that allow a moment of pause that comes so rarely in our busy world.

We love sharing, learning, and being creatively inspired by our community.




Our Liqour License Number is : LIQW880015023