Why Clair De Lune

Crafted from a recipe using only natural raw materials of water, sugar, our secret yeasts and botanicals.

This gin is made in a three-month, six-stage process, beginning with fermentation, then initial distillation, maceration of initial botanicals, then re-distillation using a copper whisky still and dry gin basket method, maturation, blending, proofing and bottling by hand.

Clair De Lune, cheekily-named ‘moonshine’ gin, in tasting has many of the characteristics of a whisky, due to the ‘from-scratch’ method of distilling a home-made pure wash. Maintaining the purity of the base wash ferment using winemaking methodology allows us to create a sugar-based spirit that is rounded in flavour, upon which the constellation of fourteen locally-sourced botanicals, arranged to provide a spice-dominant flavour profile, can then rest.

This full-flavoured gin has been made to be consumed neat, with water or soda water, like a fine whisky, but can also be paired with mixers or other quality ingredients to create cocktails bursting with flavour. Clair de Lune is made in small batches due to the labour-intensive process of production. 

Our imagery for Clair De Lune was driven by our passionate graphic designer, whose designs were inspired by history.  Those who have followed Buffalo Vale Distillery from its inception would have seen our first landing page, which was Clair De Lune centric and inspired by the imagery from the Gin craze in London during the 1800's.

To learn more about the history of the Gin Craze and Gin Lane check out this short article.


If you have read this far, it is probably time to tell you that the other reason why the name Clair De Lune resinated with us is that the team at Buffalo Vale are Flight Facilities fans.  One of our favourite tracks from them is of course Clair De Lune.